Over 160 pages  of ground breaking information on identifying the role of Islam in the New World Order Agenda. What is the future of this explosive religion which is increasingly featuring in the news. Is there a prophetic role for Iran, Syria and the islamic nations of the former Soviet Union bloc.

A report that draws on evidence from, the Illuminati, Freemasonry, the Knights Templar, The Merovingian's, The Tribe of Dan, King Solomon's Temple, The Rothschild Dynasty, The Al Mahdi and much much more.....

Examines whether the growing belief in an Islamic Antichrist is consistent with the agenda of the Global Elite who conspired to bring down the world financial sector in 2008.

The fourth and most explosive report yet in the Antichrist Identity series.

Immediate access to the report and several massive Special Bonuses that come free along with the 2 part report and are available to you immediately.

WARNING: This Report is under threat of being taken offline due to its content. It is important that you read below to know how to access the rest of the information before the Report is taken offline.

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Bonus #1: The Architecture of World History - This bonus report represents the reality beyond the lies of this world and how The People of the world are being led into World War 3 for the continued profit of devil worshippers. The mainstream is caught right in the middle of a river of delusion. Unfortunately the truth, any side of it, although immensely valuable to us all, is all too much an unpopular subject here in mainstream mind-controlled America prior to the next world war fully erupting. The consequences of The People choosing ignorance are not blissful, they are disastrous; especially when the government is now never caught in any crimes they continually commit. The conspiracy is clearly behind the coming flu/influenza 'spanish flu' depopulation plague. The World's people are being caught blind sighted because they have been 'cultured' by a scientifically controlled media to not believe in the new world order conspiracy.

Bonus #2: Access to one of the best Vision Report Watch editions ever released (Please note the Vision Report Watch has been discontinued) which focuses on the nature and role of Armageddon in deciding the fate of the masonic led new world order.

Bonus #3: 10 Hours worth of supporting online video documentaries focused on the role of Islam in the New World Order.

Bonus #4: Trump, Brexit and Ezekiel

10 Hours of audio disclosures of prophetical relevance

  • What is the protectionism that so many political experts keep talking about and how would this impact America's role on the world stage?

  • What is the coincidence behind both Britain and her daughter colony America both making significant decisions that will lead to isolation on the world stage?

  • What are the parallels between Donald Trump and King Cyrus the Great in the old testament?

  • Is World War III that much closer because of Donald Trump?

  • Is Donald Trump an enigma who is opposed to the new world order?

  • What is the significance of Donald Trumps pivotal and strong support for the nation of Israel?

  • Is Donald Trump a spanner in the way of the formation of the North American Union?

  • Why is the future bleak for the United Kingdom according to the prophecies of Ezekiel and Daniel?

  • Who were the notable Christians who put their reputation on the life by claiming that God had prophesied that Trump


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WARNING: This Report is under threat of being taken offline due to its content. It is important that you read below to know how to access the rest of the information before the Report is taken offline.

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